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How The Philippine Government Repeatedly Breaks Its People’s Hearts

The Lazy Millionaire

When I was younger I was always intrigued about people who were able to acquire massive wealth. We used to live in Makati and we were very near Ayala. Remember the tallest building in the Philippines in the 80’s? The one located on the corner of Buendia and Ayala? I’ve always looked at that building and I used to wonder how could it be possibly owned by 1 person…

If you think you’ve read everything about wealth and how to acquire it, this book will prove you wrong. Be prepared to learn and be entertained simultaneously as we take this road together and pursue absolute financial freedom.

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I have a book comng up you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Is This Another Great Depression or Are We Still In Denial?

The US is experiencing severe economic downturn and has reported a 30% unemployment rate, a surprisingly slightly higher percentage than that of the 25%…

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The Simplest Way to Achieve Your Goals

There are moments in our lives that we are roused to set new goals. It could be because we have met someone who’s successful or has attained something we’ve been hoping to realize for ourselves…

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A book by Josephine Valdez-Cabral which will be available on AMazon (Kindle format or paperback) and released locally in Tagalog as well.

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